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What is Tantra really?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

"It is of utmost importance to really understand that consciousness is not unveiled by sudden orgasmic fits or any use of extreme energetic exercises, agitation, gesticulations, pseudo-shamanic dances, and other popular tidbits of "doing" in what is sold in the West under the name of Tantra - but, rather, by the slow and gentle emergence of Objectless Love, which calmly waits for us to stop pursuing the unattainable." (Daniel Odier) I have noticed many workshops out there in this day and age, offering Tantra as a package to open up to your deepest sexuality and bliss in one workshop. The focus is around performance and being a ''goddess'' or an empowered man that can bring your woman into full pleasure. It’s about accessing your ‘divine feminine’, or being the man that you were meant to be. There is often a volunteer woman on the workshop demonstrating full sexual shaking ongoing dramatic body orgasms with deep bouts of pleasure, and groaning sounds of bliss. While that appears to be ideal and im not discrediting those that genuinely benefit from those workshops and are able to shift from those experiences, I am also very much aware that there are many that can be left traumatised by the illusions of the potential false promises of a climax that requires time and deep journeying in order to mature into, which often isn't possible in one workshop. The trauma happens because we see this happening to one person and our minds become fixated with the idea that there is something wrong with us if we are not experiencing the same, and so we jump from workshop to workshop with the focus of experiencing the same thing, whilst feeling deeply disheartened when we don’t. Firstly it should be mentioned that full body orgasms and love making is simply an ASPECT of practice on the path of Tantra, but it's NOT what Tantra is about. To progress with it, we need to understand what Tantra is, in order to understand how it can be of benefit to one’s life especially around sexual expansion. Tantra a journey that inevitably brings your entire Being; body mind and soul into the present moment where you are able to receive and meet the truth of life. This truth is not based on some old trigger that lies dormant and energetically lodged in your body, filtered through your mind and projected into your reality as truth. It’s a meeting of your reality beyond the conditioned mind, free flowing and trusting in the moment for whatever arises without needing to negate it be it light or dark. It’s the full individuation from an idea of who you are or how the world is, or how you should be in order to be accepted. This individuation materializes through fully dissolving however it is that you have previously been brainwashed or emotionally attached through parenting, society and ancestry. It’s a deep connection to truth along with a love for what is. What really is, regardless of light or dark. It’s the full embrace and sublimation of shadow into light. It’s the deepest love and connection with source, the creator, existence and the cosmos, along with the full embodiment and presence in your body here on planet earth for all that it means to be human in this day and age. To embark on this journey is a lifelong process of ongoing unfolding and deepening. Each moment on the journey is the journey and not some focused promise on the horizon. The more you allow the truth of life both light and dark to penetrate you, the more that which you are NOT, can dissolve, freeing up energy in your body and opening you up for deeper orgasmic pleasure but more importantly deeper states of acceptance and peace. So now that we are a little clearer with this, please understand that the journey of healing a shut down base/root chakra (survival center,or center of embodiment) or a sacral chakra (sexual/tribal/creative center) takes awareness and understanding. This involves diving into/exploring directly that which frightens you in order to release and heal the illusions around it. This might involve exploring themes such as: -What messages were you fed as a child around your sexuality. -The relationship between your mother ( the feminine) and your father (the masculine) and how this plays out in your reality. - How safe do you feel in the world? -How safe do you feel in your body as a man or a woman around your sexuality? - Have you experienced any trauma around your sexuality? -Do you feel a belonging to your tribe/ society? Any one of these questions take time and understanding to heal, and yet each of these themes can deeply impact your ability or inability to experience your sexuality… What is Neo Tantra? Neo-Tantra (as opposed to Classical Tantra) is a term used in the West to describe Tantra in the modern day. While Classical Tantra’s aim is generally to utilize Life Force Energy to connect with higher levels of consciousness, Neo-Tantra is taught with a range of different ideals depending upon the teacher or school of thought. Neo-Tantric practices are designed to focus and utilize Life Force Energy to manifest intention, often related to spiritual growth. The term Life Force Energy may be thought of as synonymous with the terms prana, qi, chi and orende, all of which come from other traditions. It is the energy that flows within and is responsible for giving life to the body and all of Creation. It is always there, whether or not we are aware of it. Many people interested in Neo-Tantra over-focus on the misguided reputation of Tantra as being “all about sex”. Sexual Energy is one powerful form of Life Force Energy. We all come from conception which is Life Force Energy manifested into the intention of creating human life. Sexual Energy, like other forms of Creation Energy, is simply Life Force Energy manifested in a particular way. It is one (but not the only) form of Life Force Energy that Tantric practitioners draw upon to manifest intention and create transformation in their lives. Life Force Energy can manifest in many non-sexual ways and Tantric exercises can be practiced by individuals outside of a sexual relationship. Of course, enhancing a person’s sex life can be one intention of Neo-Tantra and also can enhance a person’s growth in other ways. Bringing awareness to sexuality allows us to engage with intention, rather than allowing our sexuality to control us. In addition, sexual Neo-Tantric practices teach us to experience the subtle energies that exist within our sexual beingness so that we can enhance pleasure and direct those energies into transformation in our lives. These practices can increase orgasmic capacity and bring about deeper communication with a partner, resulting in higher levels of connection and an enhanced intimate relationship. Ultimately, whether you engage in Tantric/Neo-Tantric practices to enhance your sex life or to obtain spiritual or personal growth, you might find that you get both. My own training and exploration as a Tantrika and practitioner involves an immersion into a variety of traditional Tantric practices as a solo practitioner and in union with others in the Neo-Tantric traditions. These blends of experiences have become the foundation from which I offer my expertise. What is Classical Tantra The word “Tantra” is defined as “to weave, to expand, and to spread”. According to some masters of the ancient practice of Tantra, it can be thought of as the “fabric” of life that has the potential to offer deep fulfillment only when all its threads are woven in alignment with the pattern outlined by the Universe. When we first come into this world, life automatically conforms to this pattern. As we evolve, our desires, fears, attachments and inaccurate perceptions of ourselves and others rip at the threads and consequently weaken our fabric. Tantric practices work with the transformation of energy and to balance various polarities in order to strengthen our fabric and rework it so it can return to its original, authentic pattern. The powerful practices involved in yoga on a larger scale cultivate spiritual growth and wisdom. They merge beautifully in the Tantric tradition. Origins of Classical Tantra: The origins of Classical Tantra may go back as far as 20,000 years. Drawings and carvings that resemble symbols still used in Tantra today are found at that time. Tantra was actively taught in India and China more than 7,000 years ago. The exact history of Classical Tantra is not well documented, but here is one story about its origins. Classical Tantra emerged in India during an important historical period. At that time, the Aryans, a nomadic warrior culture, were fighting to conquer the indigenous people. Although the Aryans thought of the indigenous people as inferior in other ways, the Aryan Rishis (sages), who posed questions about the origin and destiny of the Universe, were interested in the Spiritual practices of these people. The two cultures influenced each other. During this time of warfare, it is said that Shiva was born. While some tantric practices existed before his birth, it was Shiva that first gave humanity a systematic approach to spirituality. His teachings became known as the Tantra Shastras (Tantric Scriptures). They included: Nigamas – Principals of Tantra Agamas – Practices of Tantra The Nigamas and Agamas became the foundation for Classical Tantra. After Shiva’s death, there were no more teachers of the same quality and Tantra fell into decline. Some of the teachings were then lost or altered because the writings became indecipherable or because the teachings were passed on only in secret. This explains why the history of Classical Tantra can be difficult to trace and why some modern mysteries and misconceptions around Tantra persist today. Classical Tantra is still practiced in the East with great reverence and respect for the ancient traditions established thousands of years ago. "Tantra is not technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart. It is a scientific approach! It is alchemy! It can transform your center's, it can transform the other's center's. It can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house" Osho

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