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 Areas of exploration during session


  • What is Tantra?  how to integrate its practices and philosophies into daily living.

  • Your biographical story: What is stuck and keeping you small?


  • Your relationship with Trauma related to the root and sacral chakra, and how you avoid meeting it within yourself, and avoid real change.


  • Healing unconscious 'little girl/little boy' stuff: to come to your present age and fully step into your power where you are no longer being triggered by your past.


  • Trauma/energy blockages, ready to be felt and released through deep and powerful bodywork and reiki.


  • Mindfulness practice and the awareness of your mind as a distraction vs being centered and present in your body


  • Deepening connection with Sensuality: your subtle body and inner cosmos


  • Your relationship with Sexuality and Tantric sex. What are your views? how do you feel about yourself as a sexual Being?  



  • Your relationship with Intimacy and Vulnerability- How can we expand that?

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