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 Areas of exploration during session


  • What is Tantra?  how to integrate its practices and philosophies into daily living. 

  • Your biographical story: What is stuck and keeping you small?


  • Your relationship with Trauma related to the root and sacral chakra, and how you avoid meeting it within yourself, and in so doing avoid real change.


  • Healing unconscious 'little girl/little boy' stuff: in order to come to your present age and fully step into your power where you are no longer being triggered by your past


  • Trauma/energy blockages ready to be felt and released through deep and powerful body work.


  • Mindfulness practice and the awareness of your mind as a distraction vs being centred and present in your body


  • Deepening connection with Sensuality:, your subtle body and inner cosmos


  • Your relationship with Sexuality. What are your views? how do you feel about yourself as a sexual Being?  



  • Your relationship with Intimacy and Vulnerability- How can we expand that?

Each session is divided into three parts. 

The first part explores: You and whatever it is that has brought you to this moment, along with all your parts of expansion and contraction. We explore childhood trauma, delve into ancestral patterns, understand past lives and most importantly we explore just how much it is that you have been brainwashed and misdirected from living your truth. We explore this through the context of tantra 

The second part explores: however it is that you are a slave to your mind. I teach you not only how to access your inner sanctuary, but most importantly how to fully meet your mind, recognising that you are not it, and that it is simply a tool to use when needed. This somatic process involves us dropping fully into the body where I then hold space for you to access trauma that lies dormant in the unconscious. This is very powerful work  and allows for deep release to happen.


The third part explores the body: I work strongly with your sexual energy building it and using it to work as the tool that it has the potential to be, which is to unblock and clear energetic stagnation, sexual repression, trauma and dissociation/disconnection from the body.   This experience is very healing, energising, often painful,  yet with the potential to also be blissful and liberating. A true paradox giving you your first taste of how light and dark can exist within your being simultaneously, deepening your capacity to hold all  of who you are. 


This work  has the potential to bring so much change and expansion into your life. 

As a result of the ongoing clearing of my own creative and sexual blockages,  I intuitively am able to sense where yours are and through a variety of techniques; bring awareness and healing to them. Please refer to Tantra for men  or Tantra for women to find out more.


Please understand that the basis of this work is not a methodical or systematic process resulting from years of academia of having memorised information. While study and academia can help us prepare us for this work, the space we work from fundamentally is accessed from the body wisdom in the moment. Therefore it is hard for me to know what is going to happen in session with you, until I have met you and felt you.


As tantric practitioners, we work intuitively relying on our senses of what is required for the moment, as a result of our own deep devotion to this lifelong path of moving out of the mechanics of the mind and into the present and existential magic of the body wisdom. It is therefore of greatest benefit if you allow yourself to trust and surrender to where the sessions take us.

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