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There has been a lot of misguided information about utilizing the million dollar point as a means of suppressing an ejaculation. For those that are not aware, the million dollar point is a spot located between the scrotum and anus in the regions of the perineum.The ‘’3 finger lock’’ in Taoism is used to prevent an ejaculation that reaches the point of no return. This work has been covered extensively by Mantak Chia in his book- The multi orgasmic man.


So to clarify where this practise has the potential to be dangerous, is if someone is a beginner with alot of sexual energetic congestion and trauma in their pelvic region which has created a blockage/barrier and is not allowing the sexual energy to rise up. Its not good if they are using this technique purely to avoid ejaculation without any real understanding of why the energy stays stuck in their base. Its true then that the non-ejaculation has the potential to become congested creating all kinds of  symptoms.


However, the information regarding working with this point being dangerous, is misguided because as an experienced female Tantrika and practitioner who has worked with many many men, its a very powerful technique when used as a tool to show them the process of drawing the sexual energy up, along with guiding them over a few sessions to a place where they learn how to circulate their sexual energy without needing me to push that point any longer.


Using that point is not meant to be a permanent thing.. The aim is to learn to circulate the orgasm, whilst there is someone who is helping them clear the energetic blockages that may exist there..


I have worked with many hundreds of men with with their sexual energy - HANDS ON LINGHAM building them to the point of no return whilst monitoring not only their the energetic responses in their body but also with supporting them with understanding what has created those blockages in the first place,


This is deep work and not just physical and moving energy up bodies. There are also the psychological components that need to be addressed that have created those blockages in the first place..

This is where someone experienced needs to be be in the equation who works with this person removing the blockage AS A PROCESS, so that when this point is pushed, they experience sexual energy moving up through the body like they have never experienced orgasms before.. And this is not about forcing, but about starting to show the body another way..

I feel that it is important for men to understand that this process can be dangerous if they are not guided. But its also important to get the information clear as to why its potentially dangerous..


The flip side of working on self is that if a man doesn't hold intense rigid blockages around their base that stops the sexual energy and orgasm from moving up, the million dollar point can be powerful provided that they use it as a tool to evolve into naturally circulating the orgasm and sexual energy without having to press the point.. which in this case is working deeply with breath and mastering the contraction of the perineum..

But its advisable to check this out with an experienced practitioner first before proceeding to work with this point.

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