Tantra & Taoism:

A sexual awakening retreat

Throughout our lives, and especially during the first seven years, we are subjected to all kinds of experiences which either allow for contraction or expansion. When these experiences are of a sexual nature and not congruent with our bodies nor respectful to our ''Being'', (unless we are fully present) a contraction and/or shut down may occur, depending on the severity of the experience.


The lack of presence during this experience, creates an energetic imprint in our bodies impacting the chakras connected. Each chakra is a collection point for a specific area of consciousness in the body and over a period of time if the body remains disconnected and unconscious, these energetic imprints become pockets of congestion hindering the flow of life force and sexual energy due to our bodies remaining in a state of contraction. This means that that specific chakras fails to function at their optimum and the expression of that area of our lives falls out of balance.


Growing up in the world, we as women are often so deeply objectified, and taught to be other than what we truly are. From a young age we are imprinted with false outdated patriarchal messages of what the feminine represents, simply because that was what our mothers and fathers were taught.

Alongside this, sadly, misogyny is rampant, and many of us women have been victims of some sort of sexual abuse either directly or overtly. And then there is the  crisis around pornography, leaving the masculine disconnecting not only from his body but most importantly from intimacy with the feminine/his feminine.  As a result of all of this, (disconnected men and distorted messages around our sexuality fed to us through our upbringing), we remain unaware of what is possible and unsatisfied.


We do not understand, nor have we been shown our true potential as women, and the power and extent of our sexuality. We lack what it means to be fully empowered as women, and we remain disconnected from our creative joy and bliss.  A part of us remains ''unmet''. This leaves most of us operating at the lowest capacity of our sexual pleasure, when there is a whole Yoniverse out there to expand into and explore beyond..

This workshop from a Tantric and Taoist stance, shines light on wherever it is that we are not fully in our sexual feminine power. On this magical feminine journey we explore each of the chakras related and come to understand where we are in excess or default. We work with the Base/Root(basic trust and connection to your body), Sacral(sexuality,emotions and creativity), Solar Plexus(wisdom and power) and Heart(love and healing) 


Alongside the exploration of the chakras, I introduce sexual practices, exercises and techniques assisting with ''switching on/activating'' the flow of life force and sexual energy, heightening deep awareness and allowing  sensual experiences to be felt deeper. We meet our fears, pleasure and joy, all the while expanding our ability to hold space for each other as women, as well as ourselves. 

Areas of exploration

  • Daily yoga and meditation

  • Deep inner dance

  • Ovarian breathing

  • Orgasmic upward draw

  • Pelvic strengthening

  • Metabation

  • Kundalini activation

  • Tantric cultivation of sexual energy

  • Yoni de-armouring

  • Exploring shadow via the chakras

  • Exploring Eros

  • The fundamentals truths of Tantra

Sample schedule

  • 6.30 am - 8.00 am - Morning Mindful Practice (dancing, yoga, meditation) 

  • 8.00 am - Breakfast

  • 9.30 am - 12.00 pm - Feminine Rituals / Wisdom / Practices (different each day)

  • 12.30 pm - Lunch, Digest & Rest

  • 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm - Feminine Rituals / Wisdom / Practices (different each day) 

  • 5.30 pm- Heart sharing Circle

  • 6.30 pm - Dinner, Digest & Rest

  • 7.30 pm - Inner Dance

The location: To be determined







  • Shared accommodation or single

  • Healthy vegetarian diet (3 meals daily)

  • Detox/energizing drinks (daily)

  • Green Smoothie (AM) Raw food snacks (PM


  • Partially-solar powered eco rooms with fan

  • Shared eco-toilet and bath

  • Library, video screening, art and hammock reading areas

  • Common workshop area for groups

  • Labyrinth

  • Open sandy space for individual meditation/practice, rituals

  • Wi-fi




Starting from: R

  • 7 days, 6 nights accommodation (shared or single)

  • All plant-based vegetarian meals & snacks (grown in organic
    permaculture garden)

  • Daily yoga, meditation, guided embodied dance

  • Feminine practices, exercises & rituals


Airfare, and

All Inclusive Single Rooms are available- please enquire
(entire bungalow to yourself with private garden space)