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Hello... My name is Marcelle

As a spiritual ''newbie'' around seventeen years ago, my spiritual path officially kicked in.  I synchronistically started meeting my teachers, all of  whom over the years, taught me much of what we will be exploring together.

During that period, I aligned with a group of women; where we collectively delved into our spiritual and sexual depths, utilising all life had to offer us, as a playground for our sexual healing and tantric sex evolution.

Our relentless journeys together, true to tantric nature; were playful, explorative and daringly intense.

We were all wounded, especially sexually, yet we knew an awakening was possible.

Seventeen years later, I am still on this path, perhaps a  little further down the line, with a trick or two up my sleeve should you feel drawn to learning

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Throughout the majority of my life, my path has involved relentlessly exploring the shadow areas of my inner-reality,  bringing these into the light of consciousness for acceptance, healing, forgiveness and integration. This has been a lifelong process, and the deeper I have gone with my own healing, the clearer a channel I become with assisting those that are drawn to me.

I was born in Cape Town, but never quite belonged there, nor anywhere for that matter, as experiencing the medicine of lands out there has always pulled me to explore and understand collectives beyond where I was born and how I/we can fully meet its wisdom. 

I was never meant to settle, nor stay in one place, and I've always followed my heart to where the journeying pulls me. This continually allows my perception to expand and recognise  how infinite, and yet so insignificant I am...

I find clarity in change, and meaning in chaos. I surrender in nature. I find peace and joy in aloneness and humility in experiencing the exquisiteness of humanity out there. 

It moves me, to take you on a journey where your mind quietens, and your body and soul relax; remembering their true nature. All this whilst held in a sacred space at the mercy of my intense probing for the truth of who you far beyond your "story".

For this is what I live for- Truth 

My skills and training to date:

---Reiki master of the Usui tradition: Cambridge England 
---Body alignment Practitioner under the training of Dr Jeff Levine
---Multi style Tantra Yoga teacher (Hatha  vinyasa, Ashtanga, Sivananda,Yin Yoga)
Trained in Dharamsala India
         ---Tantric Sanyasan apprenticeship over 15 years: Swami Rahasya: Advait Tantra Sacred sex school
-Body de-armouring training-Andrew Barnes
          ---Tantric Touch Practitioner and Yogini apprenticeship- Accreditation and training: Dakini Wendy: SATYA (South African Tantra Yoga Association)
              ---Direct and deep immersion: Taoist practices & philosophies: Tao Garden Chiang Mai Thailand 
---International Sexual school of Shamanic Arts training
      ---Intensive training with Balinese Master- Pak Gusti exploring teachings and practices Lontar Scriptures- Bali Indonesia​
---Innerdance Facilitator training: Pi Villaraza- Palawan Island, Philippines
---Professional Astrologer and Tarot: Astromatrix​​
---Ayurvedic cooking and health coach- India Rishikesh

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