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Tantra initiation and Sexual healing for women

The Initiation for Women is an individually tailored package focusing on what is needed to support genuine change in your life. Its an introduction and opportunity for you to take control of your life with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the challenges that you face within your "Being" on all levels.
It doesn’t get more comprehensive than this. To address one issue such as shut down sexual energy, we need to explore all the bodies (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) as they are all interconnected. We address this through the context of Tantra (traditional and neo) and Taoism along with a wealth of other modalities that may be needed to create the shifts.
I can reflect on the changes that have come my way from around 36, when my life started hitting major obstacles that very much felt beyond my control. Having studied Astrology, Tantra and Taoism, I was able to navigate these times with deeper understanding of the inevitable midlife transits that take us into crisis as a means of really pulling us into our power as women and liberating us from wherever it is that we are repressed, fearful and not living our truth.

For all women around this age, these transits are the onset of physiological changes that affect our hormonal regularities and our bodies start experiencing radical changes from mood alterations to weight gain, exhaustion or extreme restlessness and agitation.
When we enter our midlife realm anywhere from 36-50’s, having a strong awareness of where we are heading, who we are, and how we can support all of our bodies( physical/emotional/spiritual/mental) is essential. Maintaining daily practices ensures that we not only brush our teeth every day, but that we explore meditation, yoga, dance, healthy eating and some kind of exercise even if its daily 5 minutes of Tabatha to ensure that our lymphatic system is in motion and flow.  All of these bodies (physical/emotional/spiritual/mental) are interconnected and when any of the physiological systems stop functioning at their optimum, it's harder and takes longer time than when we were in our 20’s to bring back into stasis.

The exploration of the 'Bodies' during the initiation.
Physical Body
-Life force energy and what state it's in.
-Ovarian breathing which compresses more life force energy ( chi) into the ovaries for more sexual power.
-Orgasmic upward draw which can be practiced either solo or with a partner, teaching the difference between a genital orgasm vs a full body orgasm and how the first depletes life force energy and the other regenerates and builds.
-Yoni egg practices working to strengthen the urogenital and pelvic diaphragms, the glands and tendons and the nervous system and deepen connection to sexual energy.
-Bodywork to dissolve and transmute energetic blockages
-Sexual healing through the work of Tantra we explore sexual blockages, trauma and abuse that may have happened, with the intention of healing and transmuting the negative energy that lies in the body, stagnating sexual energy flow or shutdown.-- Also see Sex Therapy
-Yoni and body de armoring: Internal pelvic release

Emotional Body-

-Emotional sublimation: Transforming negative emotional energy into life force energy
-Emotional awareness: Understanding how the emotions are stored in the organs
-Emotional shadow work: Learning to meet the emotions with the understanding that as much as light is a part of life, so too is the shadow.
-Emotional release: Deeply holding space for unexpressed emotions wanting to be released.
Mental Body-

-Unconscious mind and inner critic: The exploration of the unconscious mind and the shadow realm that exists within you. How to learn to open to it, receive it and understand the unconscious triggers that create ongoing repetitive patterns in your life.
-Your psyche & its constructs: working with astrology as a tool to understand
the nature of your mind alongside your life themes:  
-Meditation practices to strengthen your mind where your mind becomes your ally and accessing your spiritual body becomes easier.

Spiritual Body-

-Inner cosmos:  Connecting with your inner cosmos (subtle body) along with practices to build and strengthen this.
- Metabation – a weekly practice, teaching us how to build and connect with sexual energy and transform it into spiritual energy- This is masturbation in meditation.
-Microcosmic Orbit- Learning the art of circulating life force energy through all the energy centers and meridians that exist in and feed your body, both physically and spiritually. This is an essential practice to master when working sexually, with a partner.
-Inner dance therapy- Also see Inner cosmic dance

This work supports women in witnessing and accepting emotional pain, be that from sexual trauma, abuse, difficult sexual relationships or trauma experienced in childbirth.

It supports the healing process of 

--Painful menstruation,
--Irregular menstruation,
--Low sex drive: also see Sexual Health
--Pain in sexual intercourse.
--The inability to feel safe in one’s skin
--Fear of intimacy
--Fear of touch
--Lack of trust in relationships,
--Lack of respect for one’s sexuality, reducing promiscuity.

It invites one into a relationship with another

--An ability to trust
--A willingness to be vulnerable,
--An ability to surrender,
--A connection of rich depth, unity & intimacy
--Nourishing and satisfying sex for the mind, body & soul.
--It allows for a wide range of orgasmic & climatic experiences never tasted before.
--It allows for the woman to immerse herself into personal exploration of her body & femininity ~ revealing, deepening & expanding her sensuality & sexuality.

Taoism and female sexuality

We are all born with an abundance of energy which in Taoism is called Ching/ Principle energy which exists in the pelvic region and is an energy produced by the sexual organs in men and women. In women, this is the creative energy necessary to make the eggs, create the uterine lining, and hormones, and keep a woman’s sexuality alive and strong. This Ching energy converts into life force energy for the organs, which is energy called Chi or prana. Conserving or restoring this energy promotes a longer and healthier life.
Sexual energy(Creative energy) is the only energy that can be doubled and increased, which means that if you want to restore lost Ching, the sexual energy provides the means to create that extra power if we transform it back into Ching which we can then transform into Chi.

When we are young and healthy and abundant in Ching, we take that for granted. As we age however, through the process of living under constant stress, pressure of hastiness, fear, worry, anger and other negative emotions, along with the unhealthy foods, drink and drugs that we consume, we gradually eat up our life force energy.


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