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Tantra, Sex therapy and Couples Counselling


When working with couples, I work with each of you together, but as as individuals.  It's important to mention that until we can individuate from the suffocating cliche of what relationships represent in this day and age, it's hard to understand the importance and sacredness of the space apart, which needs to happen from time to time, to create the passion that will draw us back together again.

The depth of union in a relationship remains false until we allow the individuality of who we are as a man or woman, to penetrate the polarity of our partners, through our truth, voice, and sentiment.


Time and time again I experience couples avoiding any form of triggering by playing it safe and being avoidant. It appears they end up losing passion and desire for each other and become bored after a period, as their marriage progresses.


It's triggering that allows real intimacy to happen as a result of having the unseen aspects of ourselves mirrored back to us through our partners.. By triggering I mean feeling a  strong reaction in response to your partner. The trick is to recognize when its yours and own it. It is also the ability to openly and honestly communicate your issue or feelings around the matter as a means of finding healing and understanding. When we each own our ''stuff'' with our partners, we can grow as a couple. 


To open to sharing from this level of vulnerability allows for real intimacy, and to be truly seen and loved. It requires honesty, choice, and courage to learn what it means to love another and hold a space for them because you can hold a space for yourself.


In session, we explore: 

  • What it means to be triggered and how you can use it as a powerful tool to go deeper

  • Understanding your partner as the opposite aspect of yourself. Exploring the masculine/feminine archetypes

  • Understanding what your woman needs from you to relax and fully access her sexuality

  • What does a woman's orgasm look like

  • Understanding what your man needs from you, to fully understand and respect your sexuality and bring you to heightened levels of pleasure.

  • What does a man's orgasm look like?

  • Exploring eros ( what eroticizes you)

  • Understanding what you need from each other, to respect and support each other

  • How to deepen your intimacy.

  • Tools to deepen intimacy and connection

  • Taoist massage slowly activates the sexual energy

  • How to build the sexual energy and keep building it- Microcosmic orbit

  • Tantric love-making ( for advanced couples)

  • Astrological Synastry and composite charting

  • Teaching you Taoist Massage to give each other as a means of strengthening the sexual energy and building intimacy

We start with a group session where we briefly explore your dynamics and what potential energetic blockages/patterns lie in the way, hindering your capacity to experience your full expression as a couple. 

We then move over to individual sessions for each partner where I get a sense of you each as individuals.  Many couples approach me intending to improve their sex life but what they don't realize is that there is a backlog of emotional and energetic congestion that hinders their ability to connect intimately, not only with their partners but more importantly with themselves.


For this reason, I must work with both of you individually as a means of clearing any energetic and emotional congestion so that it's easier for you to connect energetically and intimately when together again in session. This also deepens our understanding of what is possible as a couple in the realm of tantra.

Upon completion of the individual sessions, we connect again as a group to wrap up everything that has been experienced, sending you off with techniques and practices to deepen your connection. I am always available for Skype thereafter should there be a need for checking in further down the line.

“The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust

A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development. But once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet


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