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Tantra initiation and Sexual healing for men 

Through each session I weave in the fundamentals of Tantra relative to your situation. This is  to support you with empowering tools to explore who you are as a man and what is holding you back from living in fullness and maturity in response to your life and those around you.

I support You with standing in your masculinity. This includes understanding and connecting with the feminine principle that is a part of you and which through this awareness, establishes deepened intimacy with self and in turn; women, sexual empowerment, your creativity and confidence in life.

Our “root” area holds all our unconscious beliefs related to our survival … money, home, sex, relationships with others and the world around us, our relationship with “self” and how safe we feel in our own skin.

In the area of the root, we call the penis “lingam”. Lingam comes from the beautiful language of Sanskrit, loosely translated it means “wand of light.”  


When a man has embraced his lingam as part of his whole being into his life and sex life from an essence of Tantra, it brings forth a richer sensuality to love making and an ability to experience pleasure not only in the genitals but the whole body – to experience a depth of connected touch with himself, others and the world around him.

He owns his manhood in ALL areas of his life. 

It is an essential part of a man’s life to experience the capacity of his sexual energy beyond the act of sex and beyond the idea that sex is solely a pleasure based in the area of the genitals. Our sexual energy has such a bigger part to play in our lives beyond the act of sex.  It inspires us, Heals us and motivates us to take action ~ it is our va va voom for life. 


Session work explores the healing of:


  • Low sex drive

  • Numbness

  • Fear of intimacy/intimacy with self

  • Fear of being physically, emotionally or spiritually close to a woman

  • Fear of expressing one’s feelings or emotions

  • “Inability” to feel, give or receive love

  • The inability to feel safe in one’s own skin

  • Lack of trust in relationships

  • Lack of respect for one’s own sexuality; reducing promiscuity

  • Lack of motivation, inspiration, mojo and creativity

  • Lack of self and/or sexual confidence.

  • Mother Wounds

  • Ownership of manhood.

Ongoing session work invites into relationship with your partner:


  • An ability to trust

  • A willingness to be vulnerable

  • An ability to surrender

  • A connection of rich depth and unity

  • Nourishing and satisfying sex for the mind, body & soul

  • It allows a wide range of orgasms and climax experiences never tasted before. For the man to immerse himself into the personal exploration of his body and masculinity ~ revealing, deepening and expanding his sensuality and sexuality

  • Teaches a man how to be with a woman, hear and met her needs

  • Teaches a man how to hold a space for his partner.



While Tantric Touch work is part of the session, More importantly we explore; 

- Meditation,

-Breathing practice,

-Intimacy counselling  

-Tantric life coaching, 

-Trauma release

-Sexual shadow



-Sexual energy strengthening techniques

-Semen retention 

In order to receive the introductory benefits of your tantric journey, it's essential that you are able to commit the initiation package taking place over five weeks  This enables you to fully receive the benefits and teachings of  Tantra and its touch work and to immerse yourself in the full potential of your body and masculine maturity.

 A “Once off ” experience is all very well and nourishing in it’s own right but it’s certainly not enough to gain a true picture of the healing power that Tantra has to offer, nor enough to form the foundations for the significant changes in your life that drew you to this website.

"I spent a lot of my life trying to prove my worth

Accolades, goals, the next thing, bigger, better.

Driven by a belief that was how I proved myself as a man.

Coming from feelings of inadequacy.

There was a deep seeded belief in me,

That to succeed as a man

I had to achieve.

This is a core masculine wound.


Its deeply entrenched in our psyche

Focussed, like an arrow

Prepared to sacrifice my truth

To provide, to prove, to feel

I was enough.

This is deeply associated with the old definition of masculinity.

Man need to sacrifice himself to prove his worth to the tribe.

Dying in battle, for the collective.


We are dispelling this belief

Collapsing this dated way of treating man

Realising that men matter

They don’t need to do anything, Or be anyone. Just be


A new definition of masculinity is emerging

The power to stand up,

Live from the core, in our truth Exposing our essence


Only then once we’re relaxed with just being

When the pretended and striving drops

Throwing off the conditioning of thousands of years,

Will we thrive as men, and our true purpose will be felt

In our bodies, bones and balls"

Robbie Griffin

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