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   Tantra and Covid 19-
   Raising vibration & healing shadow

      My aim with each session, is to raise your vibration, whilst working remotely with your sexual energy in order to get you clear with all the confusion, frustration, fear, apathy and any other intense emotions that you may be meeting within yourself. We explore this through the context of Tantra. This is an opportune moment in history to  work with the collective shadow as a means of dissolving that reflected shadow within. We humanity; are all interconnected and as we do the inner work we contribute to the healing of the collective which is so desperately needed at this point in time. To now understand what happens in session click below!

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Please refer to:

--About    (to get a sense of what happens in session)

--Tantric initiation for Men

--Tantric initiation for Women

--Tantra for Couples

Please request a complimentary video chat if you
would like to connect with me and get a sense of how
the session may play out.

Single session 

$150/ R2000 for 2 hours

and $60/ R1000 for each hour extra after the 2 hours

for single sessions that are needing more time.

Tantric initiation for men

8x 2 hours session over a month package: $900/ R15 000 

Please refer to Tantric initiation for men to find out more. 

Tantric initiation for women

8x 2 hours session package over a month: $900/ R15 000

Please refer to Tantric initiation for women to find out more. 

Tantra for Couples 

Either package 1:

8x 2 hours session package over a month: $900/ R15 000 involving  6 group sessions and 5 individual session for each partner. Please refer to Tantra for couples to find out more. 

My recommendation for the full immersion: Package 2:

16 x 2 session package: $1600/ R27 000 involving  12 group sessions and 10 individual session for each partner. Please refer to Tantra for couples to find out more. 

I also arrange packages for Foreigners  from outside of where I am who would like to fly over and work with me.
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"Tantra is not technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart. It is a scientific approach! It is alchemy! It can transform your center's, it can transform the other's center's. It can create a rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved. That is the beauty of tantra. It is like bringing electricity into your house" Osho

“The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss”. Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other–our partner–we fall in love with life.”         Margot Anand

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