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Sexual Energy 


Sexual Energy is one manifestation of Life Force Energy.  When we are in an aroused state, our Life Force Energy takes the form of Sexual Energy. Sexual Energy is one of the most powerful internal Life Force Energies experienced by human kind. When used consciously, it can be used to transform and elevate us.

When there is no depth in your being (no depth in awareness) it’s very difficult to contain the sexual energy that seems to take over the entire physicality. Someone who is totally identified with the mind would almost be in a “daze”, or semi-consciousness, dragged into indulging in sexual activities, as if in a “stupor” or drugged state. A lot of people realize how helpless they feel against the pull of their sex drive.


Enjoying sexual activities is a celebration of physicality and one should have no hang ups about it, but when you become a prisoner to your sex drive there is no longer a space of “wisdom” available in your actions, leading to over-indulgence, unwise acts, restless movements, violent outbursts and weak/non-magnetic personality. You would need to be authentic/honest within yourself to recognize if you are a prisoner to your sex drive or if you are stable enough in your being to be able to contain this sexual energy without it playing the master.

It’s important to understand, firstly, that it’s not “required” that you release this energy through a sexual activity. Most people unconsciously believe that they must find an outlet to their sexual energy through a sexual activity, hence they either suppress this energy in them (due to some orthodox beliefs) or try to release it as quickly as it emerges.

But in truth, a completely different dynamic plays out in your physical expression when you don’t release this energy through sexual activity and simply contain it, allowing it to course through your space. It develops an energy of “magnetism” in your being – a charisma.

When you don’t release this energy through a sexual activity, it will automatically channel into another creative outlet,


I’ve listed some of them below.

– Sexual energy has immense healing powers and has the capacity to revitalize the organs in the body. The therapeutic powers of sexual energy are well documented in many spiritual literatures. When you contain this energy in your body, it automatically moves into bringing a healing to diseases present in the body.

– Containing sexual energy creates a sense of vitality and well-being in the mind, cutting through thoughts of depression, powerlessness or inferiority. It can create a spark of genius in your thoughts.

– Any thought that’s held in the powerful presence of this sexual energy seems to attract more strongly than in the presence of any other emotion.

– When you don’t expend sexual energy through a physical release, it seems to channel into creative actions automatically – getting things done which you might not have had the energy to do previously.

– The force of this sexual energy has the power to burn through resistances within you (that arise from fears or phobias in the mind) – it’s like being under the influence of a powerful drug while also being conscious in its wake.

– People who develop the stability in their being, to be able to contain the surge of sexual energy in them, have a magnetism in their being that attracts the opposite sex. A lot of charismatic people are usually the ones who are conscious enough to channel their sexual energy into personal magnetism.

As the light of awareness starts deepening in you, it will naturally touch upon the aspect of your sexuality. Any hang ups you have about your sexuality will be brought to this light and be dissolved in its wisdom, and this will allow a “free movement” of sexual energy in you which can be way more powerful than when it was moving through resistance. This free movement of sexual energy can become chaotic if not contained through the same power of awareness.

So basically once you remove the resistances within you to your sexuality, by allowing these resistance to be touched by the light of awareness, you will move to the next level of a conscious channeling of this sexual energy into creative expressions, and personal power, by containing it – this allows for a wholistic experience which attracts well-being and abundance into your reality. You can also enjoy the experiences of sexual activity in a more conscious/passionate/intense manner when you develop this stability in your being.

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