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How a man's emotional wounding (Heart) affects his ability to connect with his partner and his world.

He will not feel an energetic connection between the heart and the lingam (Penis), and sex and love making exist as two seperate things. He struggles to connect to his feelings and express love . This is because his mind ( logic and reason) dominates over his unaccessed heart. He is unable to fully receive his partner;  either through communication and/or via the senses as he has limited awareness of them. During love making, he may struggle to maintain an erection or experience pre-mature ejaculation. This is because he lacks sensitivity during lovemaking and only knows how to seek pleasure through his partner's pleasure. It may be a struggle for him to hold pleasure, and as soon as he enters his partner he ejaculates.

Intellectually he holds an unconscious and mechanisitic view of the cosmos, where the body is simply a tool that serves him.

Operating as a diminished version of himself, he may find it difficult to achieve success or manifest his desires, as he holds a very black and white view of the world placing him in judgement where he is regularly offended

As a practitioner of the Tantric arts, having worked with hundreds of men over the last 20 years, I would say the most common desire that arises is;  "I want to experience more of what there is to my sexual power."

Many men seem to be realizing that their connection to their sexuality is no longer satisfying.

For some it's impotence, For others it's numbness. Some may crave more intimacy with their partners, others experience a profound aloneness. Some may be addicted to porn or work, others may be addicted to the " chase of sexual gratification". Some experienced sexual trauma and others grew up in a staunch christian upbringing.. regardless they all arrive with the same longing- 

In this workshop we explore:


1-What is Tantra? A simple explanation for understanding how it can be utilised in one's life

2-Exploring conditioning around our sexuality.

a--Mother and father as a reflection of our own inner Feminine and masculine . The absence of father and how this creates wounding around our masculinity

b--Fucking vs lovemaking to self and our partner

3-What is sexual energy and the subtle body

4-Healing the Penis ( Lingham)—Love unfolds and flows from your heart to your penis.  The extent of your capacity to fully receive the feminine, flows from your Lingham into her.

5-Exploring the feminine within- discover where you may be holding unconscious patterns and wounds connected to the feminine and your Heart.

6-Intimacy with self:

a-I teach you taoist practices to start working with to suport this healing and build the sexual energy and subtle body

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