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As a practitioner of the Tantric arts, having worked with hundreds of men over the last 20 years, I would say the most common desire that arises is;  "I want to experience more of what there is to my sexual power."

Many men seem to be realizing that their connection to their sexuality is no longer satisfying.

For some it's impotence, For others it's numbness. Some may crave more intimacy with their partners, others experience a profound aloneness. Some may be addicted to porn or work, others may be addicted to the " chase of sexual gratification". Some experienced sexual trauma and others grew up in a staunch christian upbringing.. regardless they all arrive with the same longing- 

There are so many workshops out there catering for women and a good few catering for men by men. But not enough that i'm aware of, for men by a women. My advantage apart from having directly worked  as a teacher with men's sacred sexuality for over 20 years, is that I know how to hold space for you in an intense and profound way that allows for safety and trust to explore more of who you are beyond your carnal desire for gratification or the distorted conditioning of the patriarchal expectations of what it means to be "a man"

This exploration delves into the spiritual energetics that allows you to realize that your sexuality is linked to the channel that aligns with your heart.


As you heal your deepest vulnerabilities around not only your masculinity but especially around your connection to your inner feminine, only then is your sexual power fully able to come online.


Join me, Your feminine guide, for 4 weekly meetups diving into this intensely healing, deeply expansive exploration around conscious masculine sexuality.

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