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Marcelle and I go way back, our beingness keeps drawing us back to each other. She has a gypsy streak, she loves to explore with a sense of wonder for this beautiful universe we live in and her light is ever present with the people she meets along the way. About three years ago after some years of being out of touch we met on the beach in Cape Town. Her presence had become so clear, I could sense we were both in a state of pure awareness and the quality of her smile as she looked at me will forever stay with me - hence her Sanskrit name, Adi Amala which means (clean ... pure woman). Marcelle is ferocious in her love of truth, a huntress for existence and the joy in her curiosity has led her through the darkness.  Our friendship flows on and on through every conceivable dimension. She has a fully booked Tantra practice and a session with her is an absolute undertaking on her part to give you her full attention on every level, mind body and soul. She is skilled, very skilled in her questioning.. yes we must talk, have those real conversations… and after diving into all possible spiritual approaches and where touch techniques take the body - I could state her methods but its not about that anymore, the moment is all that is needed. ~ Blessings to all who take sex seriously enough to meet yourselves in Bliss ~ Dakini Wendy- Teacher/founder of SATYA (South African Tantra Yoga Association)

Dear Marcelle
''I wanted to share with you that you have opened up or unblocked my energy flow and I understand now the consequences.
During our session my stomach and lower torso was strangely uncomfortable. A bit like an upset stomach or cramps. I could feel a physical and emotional disbalance in my body, which I had not recognised before.
After after several deep breath meditation sessions, together with intense stretching, could I feel the exact spot of tension deep inside my abdominal muscles, intestines and particular the navel. The deep breathing and massaging helped to release the tension and an unbelievable cascade of consequences occurred since.
I could directly feel the breaking of a dam and the immediate release of energy that seemed blocked for decades. I had the profound experience of forgiving myself and others, a desire and need I seemed to have locked and blocked in my stomach for a very long time. This forgiveness manifested in automatic improvements in my different relationships.
But it did not end there, yesterday, after our deep breathing meditation, I felt that I could move my attention higher towards my upper body and heart. And the release that happened there cannot be described in words. First, there was a similar physical sensation of tense heart muscle, but once unblocked, by breathing through it, lead to a cosmic explosion of emotions that were and still are unbelievable.
I felt the need to share this with you and to thank you from the, now free, bottom of my heart.
Thank you so much and enjoy every breath of your life.''
Marcel (Berlin)

"Marcelle is a wonderful person who became someone I saw regularly. She is very attentive, genuine and open-hearted  . She is completely engaged with an incredibly healing touch and is very present in the moment. It was the first time I experienced such an experience, and she was very encouraging with a calm smile and deep empathy and I felt very relaxed in her presence. I recommend her to everyone as the strength of her energy will shift something for you!."​

Oren (Berlin).

"After my first session with Marcelle I could not image a more intense experience, however through the second session my experience was even more powerful. Leading up to our first session I have been reading up on tantra, trying to find a suitable practitioner that I would feel comfortable with. Speaking to Marcelle before the session put my mind at ease as she explained the philosophy and techniques that she uses and how it relates to the body and senses. After the session we discussed my experience and she answered questions I had. For my second session she adapted a few techniques to build on from my first session and the result was even more powerful. 

I recommend you experience the art of tantra with someone who lives the philosophy and when speaking to Marcelle or being in her company you notice that she has a deep understanding and experience of tantric philosophy. Marcelle suggested some reading material that I am currently exploring, in order to understand and build on my previous experiences. 

Personally I think Marcelle is a warm and honest woman who wants to share her knowledge and experience with others. Looking forward to our next session."

Ewan ( Cape Town)

"Firstly, I would like to thank you most humbly for the outstanding experience I had yesterday. You were a gentle, caring and nurturing guide throughout in a manner which I could only ever have dreamed possible in a first meeting. There is a warm light which surrounds your entire being and which you share most generously. So, thank you again for that.


As you may have noticed, I left you treading very lightly on the earth and that feeling was sustained throughout the rest of the day and I enjoyed one of the best night's sleep I have had in a long time. I woke up this morning feeling far more ready to tackle my challenges with new vigour. I'm not entirely there yet and I know that I am going to run out of energy and resolve again sooner rather than later which gives me an excellent reason to book again soon."

Martin (Cape Town)

My journey with Marcelle was incredible. After coming out of a tough breakup feeling ungrounded and far away from my power Marcelle really helped me to stabilise and find my strength and direction though my masculinity. She helped me work though childhood trauma and triggers and gave me the teachings and tools I needed to feel proud of my upbringing rather than being hostage to it through continued victimisation. Marcelle is learned, wise and incredibly intuitive on an energetic level. My self confidence and understanding of my body and it’s ability in pleasuring myself and my sexual partners has improved immensely through Marcelle’s guidance. I recommend her enlightening work to anyone interested in discovering the techniques of tantra.

Max (Johannesburg)

"I met Marcelle during a spiritual shamanic sexual retreat. I never had a session with her, but I still would like to share my feelings about her as a person. Something in me resonated with her. She is deep, she has that inner glow, a deep inner knowing and she strives on her path of freedom, love, truthfulness and connectedness. She is soft in her vulnerability and strong at the same time. I enjoyed myself a lot in her authentic presence. I felt myself to be delicately seen and heard in that presence. Sending some love from

Germany!" LONI

It has been a wonderful journey with Marcelle. As a couple we always felt there must be more, more to just living beside one another and the every day sex. We wanted to be into one another on a spiritual level and that is what was opened for us as an couple. We can highly recommend Marcelle’s teachings, for she truly keeps the safe space. It has been a humbling experience, yet insightful. Namaste

Simonie (Johannesburg)

Marcelle has the wonderful ability to connect with you on a deep level, holding space, allowing you to access those feelings that has stopped you living life too the fullest. Once there, the childhood bliss and curiosity returns, i feel so connected again to life and possibility. To truly feel again on this level, is a wonderful gift.
Thank you Marcelle for what you have brought to my wife and I, showing us what is possible, you truly are a gift.

William (Johannesburg)

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have taken me into some of the deepest and most vulnerable spaces  within myself over the last few months. To be held in those spaces is incredibly liberating and terrifying at the same time. And yet since our last session, something tangible has shifted despite my scepticism, and I find my old way of relating to the world through my fears has transformed and I can now meet it with compassion and openness."

Paul (Cape Town)

Feels like a while ago since my intensive retreat with you.

I wanted to give you a bit of feedback after having had some time to reflect.

I had a session with my psychologist last week Tuesday and it was really amazing to hear myself talk about my general outlook on my sexuality and to also hear his reflection on how enlivened I was and optimistic as opposed to the stuckness I had felt before my sessions with you.

I really felt like I had turned a page in my sexual story.

The last session with you was such a perfect culmination for me on what we had both invested in the process over the five sessions. Being able to control my body's response to continued stimulation in the bodywork, felt like a powerful remembering and a goal I had my heart set on achieving. I left, feeling confident and ready to test myself in the playing field of relationship.

Last night I finished my 21 days of practice. It was great being able to take action on addressing a problem I felt very helpless about. And it is something I will definitely look to incorporate in my daily practice after the break I'm planning to take for a bit.

I guess I still have question marks of how all this will play out in my relationship with B and the true testing ground of relationship, but I'm hopefully that I'm able to bring a new perspective that can help both of us move past our stuckness.Thank you so much for embarking on this journey with me. I have so appreciated your nurturing and loving support.

Jay( Cape Town)

"It is hard to describe the emotional flow that happens in a session with Marcelle.  The journey takes twists and turns, it challenges and pushes the boundaries of one's (often preconceived) ideas of tantra.  Marcelle is an angel, it is rare that you find someone with such compassion, empathy and warmth - with an amazing sense of control and firm conviction.  I have yet to experience the emotional and physical responses that Marcelle induces.  The sense of trust and security encourages a complete surrender.  Every session is another learning step and I leave feeling grounded, in touch with me but "on top of the world", filled with a powerful energy." 

Shaun(Cape Town)

"In my first session, Marcelle made putting my nerves at ease her first priority, ensuring I was relaxed and comfortable. She expresses insight and gentleness and is always very attentive. Our sessions so far have been more than just about tantra often delving into other aspects of life. I have appreciated these components of the sessions and together with recommendations from her on books to read, have gone further into exploring how and where this process, and more, fits into my life. She offers a very safe place for you to feel open and relaxed and I have found that my ideas of my own sexuality have changed in a significant way since starting my sessions with her. If you are looking to understand what it means to experience tantra, what it is to be connected to your body, Marcelle offers a wonderful place to enter this journey."
Clint(Cape Town)

"I've already experienced two incredible sessions with Marcelle. Prior to seeing Marcelle for the first time, I'd been fortunate to have experienced tantric sessions both in Cape Town and abroad. Those sessions definitely piqued my interest and mostly were good, but they don't match the intensity of the experiences I've had in my sessions with Marcelle.

Across both sessions, I feel that Marcelle has taken the time to get to know me and has used that to guide my experiences in the session. Beyond the physical sensations I have experienced, I have been able to learn more about myself / life by talking through these experiences. My awareness of energy is much greater after these two sessions and it's illuminated new paths to follow in my daily life."

Paul (Cape Town)

I have been seeing Marcelle regularly for a few months, and I was a mess when I first started working with her. I felt sorry for myself, and was out of touch with myself – could not feel my body and was directed by my ego. My mind was in control. Today I am in a different place, can feel myself, facing the pains, instead of packing them away. I´ve got more energy and have found my way back to what is essential. It is difficult to explain what it is that she does – it needs to be experienced. It is soft, it is gentle, it is frightening, it is carrying, it is basically love in its purest form. On top of that, she is good company and fun to be around. I will ever be grateful – Thank you Marcelle.

Tom(Cape Town)

My ongoing work with Marcelle is always a unique experience. She is a gentle, kind guide and despite session sometimes feeling very overwhelming, her genuine care ensures that you feel safe whilst facing challenges and journeying through energy barriers.

I have made some huge life changes whilst under her care and she has been a most steady pillar of support, one that has been neither too intrusive, nor too absent. She has also been consistent and steadfast in her belief of her work when things seem to be stagnating. The confidence that she has in her methods help put any anxiety or frustration of mine at ease. I am most thankful for the safe yet truthful space she creates for me during our sessions which I always look forward too

Nadia ( Cape Town)

When I contacted Marcelle I was pretty desperate. I was suffering from a chronic bladder infection, hypersensitivity and a lot of pressure in my pelvic area.  
From the start I felt very comfortable with her to talk about my life and traumatic sexual experiences. She guided me to my deepest memories. It was at times very intense. However, I always felt safe and had complete trust.
After three sessions all the bad energy was released and I felt so much lighter. It is now two months later and I feel properly healed, physically and emotionally. The last few weeks my boyfriend and I had a lot of time to talk and experiment. This was so needed, I could finally tell him what was wrong, what I didn't like and he was completely open to change. I  started to curate the room with scented candles, oils, music and we would start with a massage. It helped me a lot to surrender. We are much closer now as a couple and sex has never felt so good.
I am forever grateful for Marcelle's work. She is an absolute gem of a person and a powerful healer. Thank you so much !

Zee (Cape Town)

I have been working with Marcelle for the last few months and the journey has been truly amazing. A real out of body sensual healing journey. The changes in my energy, sensuality and subconscious have been incredible and i've started to notice the overall effect on my entire well being.

I have managed to explore hidden blockages I was not even aware existed and with Marcelle's strong guidance we have navigated them which has awakened an often ignored vigour in my own sensual explorations. I look forward to every session and i'm so excited to walk this path with her.. 

Paul (Cape Town)

Marcelle was more than a tantric healer, she helped me reconnect not only with my body, but my emotions, my history and ultimately with the Divine.  She allowed me to talk through things and sometimes our sessions felt like therapy...I loved how she built trust between us and allowed me to talk about things I hadn't ever spoken about to anyone before and nurtured me in those spaces allowing a sense of self forgiveness and a release of guilt.  Marcelle has awakened the feminine in me and my process of individuating is truly unfolding.  I would highly recommend Marcelle, first and foremost because of her gentle way, complete trust building, respect and authenticity.

Wendy (Cape Town)

When I approached Marcelle’s home in Ubud Bali, I carried with me a sense of anxiety. I was not sure what to expect, who she was or what exactly I was getting myself in for. I had a good idea of her services from her website and felt drawn to explore, but to read something on a website and find yourself there are two very different things.  Upon entering her home I very quickly realised I’d made a good choice to push through my anxiety and find myself with her.  My session with her was exactly what I needed, as she is someone with obvious integrity and skill and held the space for me whilst I dug deep to release the things holding me back. She gently worked my body(ies) to encourage release.  I left her exhausted, calm and confident in what had happened and have since noticed several more shifts post the session. I would recommend Marcelle’s services highly and without hesitation. 

Shannon( Bali)

I think that the most important thing I learned from Marcelle was to be able to find a sanctuary within myself. I learned meditation, and on a number of occasions had a real out of body experience including an explosion of feelings and emotions.

Alan (Cape Town)

Amala, Thank you for a most beautiful session.  I really had such a beautiful, blissful experience of my energy body during the breath-work and have felt some strong shifts I feel more open to people/humanity, both its suffering and beauty. The wound of tribe has always been a big one for me so this it important for me.  My capacity to stay in-body when triggered emotionally has increased and I really appreciate  the insights  you gave in this area. 

James (Cape Town)


I really want to thank you again for everything, I’ve just gone through a rejection, the one I guess we asked for... and I felt it, like really felt it, I learned from it and I grew from it. Using your tools along the way helped me a lot! 

I’m also so grateful for myself in a way I haven’t felt before, I’m becoming a person I want to be, someone I can be proud of and I’m so happy i reached out to you because now I really feel I’m on the right path. 

And also thank you for opening up my understanding about Tantra even more, I will continue that journey as well! You are amazing lots of love!

Carolina(Cape Town)Xx

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