Thailand Tantric Immersion

I am offering foreigners outside of Thailand the opportunity to fly here and experience a personal Tantric Immersion with me, involving 6 potent sessions over 2-3 weeks.

Thailand a Buddhist culture, live by the following tenets: 
To end suffering, which is ultimately caused by wanting things we don't have and having things we don't want, we only need to see that true peace is rooted in extending our circle of compassion to all other beings, thereby subverting the ego that insists I am separate from all else around me.
This way of life and culture provide a beautiful and peaceful backdrop for exploring all of who we are, allowing the nervous system to relax, so that we can ''drop in deeper''.

With each session we ''drop in deeper'' exploring a variety of themes that deepen your understanding of yourself as a whole, the core of who you are, through the perspective of the Tantric Framework. The aim of Tantra is to purify oneself without negating life's situations, and so this journey allows for profound opening, expansion and integration around the truth of who you are.

While the basis of our enquiry with exploring You is predominantly intuitive and from the feminine context of allowing the arising as opposed to following a set schedule, it is useful to meet me with specifics that you are wanting to work with and from there we dive in.


If you can allow yourself to surrender to not knowing what will happen, and simply trust that what is needed will play out, opening you to the depths of yourself; then magic can happen, and this journey is for You..


I only offer this opportunity through interview to those ready to surrender the ego, drop in to deep vulnerability and remain present with whatever arises.. It takes courage to journey deep within oneself, in order to shed the layers of unconscious shadow and whatever fragmentation has occurred within one's being.


Potential Areas of exploration during session

  • What is Tantra and how to integrate its practices and philosophies into daily living.  With this we touch on the classical context of Tantra and its traditions.

  • Your biographical story- What has passed that has created who you are today. What is stuck and keeping you small?

  • Your relationship with ''the Masculine/ Shiva and Feminine/ Shakti archetypes'' How has your masculine linearity and relentless drive created exhaustion/numbness in you. (this applies very much to woman as well). How is it that you deny the power of the feminine, of allowing receptivity and the mystery and chaos of the unknown to enter your life.

  • Your relationship with trauma related to the root and sacral chakra, and how you avoid meeting it within yourself and in so doing avoid real change.

  • Playing out and releasing the unconscious ''little girl'' or ''little boy'' stuff in order to come to your present age and fully step into your power where you are no longer being triggered by your past because it has been felt in fullness and released.

  • Trauma/energy blockages ready to be felt and released through deep and powerful body work.

  • Mindfulness practice and the awareness of your mind as a distraction vs being centred and present in your body

  • Introducing you to and heightening your connection to your subtle body, sensuality and inner cosmos

  • Your relationship to your sexuality. What are your views, how do you feel about yourself as a sexual being and moving you through any limitations around that.

  • Your relationship with intimacy, sensuality and vulnerability- How can we expand that.

Sessions include where needed, Sadhana: (Puja (prayer ritual, meditation, chanting, Yoga), Cacao ceremony for opening the heart, Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Soul purification.

Cost: $1500 (for a total of 18-24 hours of session work)

Location: Sessions take place in the privacy of my lush, peaceful, spacious private home in the Jungle

This does not include accommodation, flight, meals nor airport transportation. I can however support you with arranging the above.

Please contact me to find out more