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Masculine(Shiva)/Feminine(Shakti) Principles

You are the creation of masculine and feminine. You were nurtured by masculine and feminine. You are the balance of masculine and feminine and yet somehow you are lost, tired, angry​​​​​​​, confused and numb, seeking solace from your partner who never quite sees you or gets you nor, hears you. Do you see, hear, feel or get yourself?

In the tantric Indian tradition the whole of existence, the non-duality that is the cosmos is divided into two aspects. These are called Shiva (Masculine) & Shakti. (Feminine)

The interaction of these two aspects is indispensable to maintain reality. Shiva without Shakti is empty, dead. Shakti without Shiva is chaos. So there is no consciousness without energy and the opposite, ultimately understood from the non dualist approach: consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness. 

Dear immature Masculine
It is not only about pushing forward with your single pointed focus and linearity, chasing control and the illusion of power. There needs to be space and time for the softness, vulnerability, pausing, waiting and receptivity from the chaos of the unknown to inform your next move. Your mind does not need to have answers and boxes for everything.
Ultimately life wants to be experienced through the mystery, feeling, receiving, allowing, surrendering and as long as you deny that, you deny your depths into the feminine, from the feminine. That which is also you. That which allows you to know yourself beyond your mind, and its actions. You might continue avoiding your fears, seeking distraction through denial, but over time your power will wane, life will lose meaning and you will always feel misunderstood by your woman. 

Dear immature feminine

Until you realize that you are not here to compete with men, or continue buying into their expectations of how you should look or behave, that reference point will always limit your flow to the control of the immature masculine, hindering your ability to access your much needed chaos, full sexuality and power. The power of what it means to be a woman who has opened herself to the immensity of her depths, warts and all. A woman who has consciously chosen to move through her little girl stuff beyond patriarchal expectations, deep into her raw sexuality and expression; truthful to the moment. Only once you access the true power of the feminine can you guide the masculine with gratitude both internally and externally from a place of deep wisdom and knowing. Only then will you feel your man's surrender when you have softened to yourself.

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