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>The nature of my work with you is such that I open myself up to your energetic field to feel and sense You. Sometimes this work can be very taxing on my system. 

For this reason, I am only capable of working with two clients a day especially since a session is three hours long. Therefore I am selective about who I work with and deeply devote myself to those who genuinely seek to create change in their lives.


>If you choose to work with me, it's essential that you commit to the daily practices that I give, to ensure that the momentum for transformation may be reached. Unfortunately I cant work with you if you are not able to commit to this process and I reserve the right to withdraw my services despite payment if you fail to follow through with the practices.

 >Please be aware that this work has the potential to shake up "your stuff", as it may be necessary to work with your shadow for that genuine change to happen.  If you sign up for this initiation journey, this means that your payment stands as surety for your commitment to follow through, regardless of how uncomfortable or difficult this process may be. I do not refund unless you get seriously ill and can not return. You are welcome to take a break and return at a later stage to continue the work, however, this means that you will need to start from the beginning again.

>So that you feel assured that I am the right person for you to work with, I offer a video chat beforehand and am happy to answer all your questions.  I will confidently say that the clients who commit to my process and the practices that I give are the ones who experience tangible shifts.

>Because I like to keep each session within close proximity together, ( around two sessions a week if not more) it is best that you only commit when you can put aside the time for these sessions. 

> Please also know that my role when working with you, is that of a guide.  I take this very seriously. If you experience hardships whilst taking my initiation, it's important that you feel safe to reach out, so that I may support you with what is arising.

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