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Fri, 23 Jun


Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm

Men Speak: Conscious sexuality workshop for men every Friday over 4 weeks

Are you waking up to the knowing that there is more to your sexuality and masculinity than society understands? This explorative workshop examines the spiritual sexual energetic connection that aligns with your heart; the gateway to your freedom.

Men Speak: Conscious sexuality workshop for men every Friday over 4 weeks

Time & Location

Last available date

23 Jun, 18:00 – 14 Jul, 21:00

Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm, Namaskar Wellness Hub, 40 Mulbarton Rd, Lone Hill, Sandton, 2191, South Africa

About the event

Over this four week workshop taking place every Friday, I hold space within the group  to explore more of who you are beyond your carnal desire for gratification or the distorted conditioning of the patriarchal expectations of what it means to be "a man". As you start to heal your deepest vulnerabilities around your masculinity, only then is your sexual healing power fully able to come online through its connection to the heart.  This enquiry also very much involves exploring your connection to your "inner feminine" and the potential fears around that, 

I work with each of you around becoming conscious of your sexual energy  and  how to use it as a powerful tool to harness when needed, as opposed to being unconsciously controlled by it. 

I teach you Tantric and Taoist practices aimed at strengthening your connection to your sexual power, which in turn heightens your spritual connection with yourself, as well as deepens intimacy with your partner.

As a practitioner of the Tantric arts, having worked with hundreds of men over the last 20 years, I would say the most common desire that arises is;  "I want to experience more of what there is to my sexual power; my life force."

Many men seem to be waking up to the realization that their connection to their sexuality is no longer satisfying.

For some it's impotence, For others it's numbness. Some may crave more intimacy with their partners, others experience a deep aloneness. Some may be addicted to porn or work, others may be addicted to the " chase of sexual gratification". Some experienced sexual trauma, others grew up in a staunch christian upbringing.. regardless they all arrive with the same longing:

"I want to experience more of what there is to my sexual power; my life force."

So please join me in this enquiry. Lets open up this space together for truthful sharing, vulnerability and illumination.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or check out for more info:

"The very center of your heart is where life begins. The most beautiful place on earth"

- Rumi

Remember the dates are:

Friday the 23rd June at 18:00-21:00 pm

Friday the 30th June at 18:00-21:00 pm

Friday the 7th July at 18:00-21:00 pm

Friday the 14th July at 18:00-21:00 pm

And the cost is:

R3000 for 12 hours in total

Please dress warm and bring a yoga mat and cushion to sit on

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