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The Initiation online course on Sexual awakening for Women.

It's a one month online course focused on:
--Exploring intimacy with self,
--Cultivating strong connected body awareness and sensitivity
--Reconnecting with those parts of self that have shut down- Physical/emotional/spiritual
--What does female empowerment look like
--Healing sexual trauma
--Understanding the Masculine/feminine 
polarity externally and within

This workshop is perfect for You if:
-- You have experienced sexual trauma, and want to reclaim your body.
--You are disconnected from experiencing sexual pleasure.
-You are feeling a general disconnection from self and are wanting to switch that on.
--You are experiencing disconnection from your partner or marriage.
--You feel disempowered as a woman.
--You lack lack spiritual direction and practices.

 In order to create change within, it's not just about knowledge and awareness, but also supporting an emotionally and energetically congested system with release. The deep connection to one's body along with raising one's vibrational frequency deeply supports this. 

Let me show you how.. Join our online workshop to dive in and open yourself to profound awareness and change.

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