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Tantra & Sacred  sexuality Cape Town


Proper noun

  1. (Jainism) Passion; Strong feelings produced by a person's soul beyond worldly attachments.

Ready to explore this world of Tantra and Sexual Healing?

Does your Heart yearn for something deeper where you  are held and guided into unknown territory; called forth from the deepest parts of your being? In session, I offer a protected space to experience a profound level of devotion, in which trust is created, supporting you through my deepest presence, to surrender into states of deep relaxation, truth and healing.
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Tantra for Woman

Tantra and Sexual healing for Women

   I am here to guide & support women through whatever may arise, to be seen & accepted. I invite trust,
a willingness to be vulnerable, and an ability to surrender,
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Tantra for men

Tantra and Sexual healing for Men

The “root” area, hold all your unconscious beliefs related to  survival … money, home, sex, relationships with others and the world around you, your relationship with “self” and how safe you feel in our own skin.

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Tantric sex and Couples therapy

Time and time again I experience couples coming to see me who are in the habit of avoiding their triggering through ''playing it safe''  They are the ones that end up losing passion and desire for each other and after many years become bored. 
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Testimonials for tantric massage


To find out more about how customers feel about their experiences with my sessions  along with the benefits.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Monthly Full Moon Quaintrelle gathering
    04 Jun, 14:00 – 17:00
    Cape Town, 22 Jamaica Dr, Capri, Cape Town, 7975, South Africa
    Quaintrelle (n) a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures. Join us once a month around full moon for a day of exploration, where we get to delve into what is means to fully embrace our sensuality & power
  • Men Speak: Conscious sexuality workshop for men every Friday over 4 weeks
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, 23 Jun
    Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm
    23 Jun, 18:00 – 14 Jul, 21:00
    Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm, Namaskar Wellness Hub, 40 Mulbarton Rd, Lone Hill, Sandton, 2191, South Africa
    Are you waking up to the knowing that there is more to your sexuality and masculinity than society understands? This explorative workshop examines the spiritual sexual energetic connection that aligns with your heart; the gateway to your freedom.
  • Inner Cosmic Journeying: An exploration of the Chakras
    Sat, 24 Jun
    Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm
    24 Jun, 13:30 – 15 Jul, 15:30
    Namaskar Wellness Hub https://namaskartm, Namaskar Wellness Hub, 40 Mulbarton Rd, Lone Hill, Sandton, 2191, South Africa
    Every Saturday over a month we explore the Chakras one by one, through dialogue & then through Inner cosmic journeying, which works with sound frequencies aimed at transcending the linearity of the mind into realms beyond limited mental conditioning. This is a cosmic experience indeed.
  •  Tantra & Taoism: A sexual awakening retreat for women
    Sun, 23 Jul
    Drakensberg mountain retreat center
    23 Jul, 11:00 – 30 Jul, 11:00
    Drakensberg mountain retreat center, R74, Retiefs Pass Rd, Scheepers Hoek Farm, Bergville, 3350, South Africa
    This workshop from a Tantric & Taoist stance, shines light on wherever it is that we are not fully in our sexual feminine power. This sacred intimate women's only retreat happens over 7 days in the Drakensberg exploring what is ready to wake up within..
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