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Tantra & Sacred  sexuality Cape Town


Proper noun

  1. (Jainism) Passion; Strong feelings produced by a person's soul beyond worldly attachments.

Ready to explore this world of Tantra?

Does your Heart yearn for something deeper where you  are held and guided into unknown territory; called for from the deepest parts of your being? In session, I offer a protected space to experience a profound level of devotion, in which trust is created, allowing you through mindfulness and my deepest presence, to surrender into states of deep relaxation, truth and healing.

Tantra for Woman

Tantra for Women

   I am here to guide & support woman through whatever may arise, to be seen & accepted. I invite trust,
a willingness to be vulnerable, and an ability to surrender,
 Read more  » 

Tantra for men

Tantra for Men

The “root” area, hold all your unconscious beliefs related to  survival … money, home, sex, relationships with others and the world around you, your relationship with “self” and how safe you feel in our own skin. Read more  »

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Tantra for Couples

Time and time again I experience couples coming to see me who are in the habit of avoiding their triggering through ''playing it safe''  They are the ones that end up losing passion and desire for each other and after many years become bored. Read more

Testimonials for tantric massage


To find out more about how customers feel about their experiences with my sessions  along with the benefits.

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