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Tantra and Covid 19-
Raising vibration & healing shadow

My initiation packages for both men, women and couples are now available remotely, which offers 2 x 2 hour sessions per week for a month. That amounts to 16 hours a month of session work. In each tailored session we uncover shadow and whatever it is that is needed to explore going deeper each week as we progress.
Alongside this, I work energetically on your body, and we dive into very deep spaces with this energy work which I combine with Inner Cosmic dance . From these spaces I continue to work with your sexual energy, but the experience which doesn’t involve touch, guides you to pull your sexual energy up into your body and re-energize your system. The outcome of this work very much raises your frequency and allows you to understand heightened levels of awareness and what is possible with your sexual energy.
Each session I give you exercises to do, along with meditations and practices. These come with pre-recorded videos for you to download and follow. If you have your exact birth time, we also take a look at your astrology and what specifically is playing out for you at the moment. Astrology and human design have a very powerful way of pointing us in the right direction through understanding how it is that we are impacted by the cosmos and why. It provides a doorway into our psyche, offering deep wisdom connected to life purpose as well as shadow.
Health is also essential and we explore your diet and how this can be improved either through fasting or whatever direction of eating I feel is most important for you specifically.
Please read sexual health and the body here

 My aim with each session, is to raise your vibration so that you are strong on all levels regardless of what is playing out on this planet in order to get you clear with all the confusion, frustration, fear, apathy and any other intense emotions that you may be meeting within yourself. This is an opportune moment in history to  work with the collective shadow as a means of dissolving that reflected shadow within. We humanity are all interconnected and as we do the inner work we contribute to the healing of the collective.
The more we can clear our inner realms through shadow work, cleansing the physical body as well as establishing practices to strengthen how we meet challenges that come our way through the mind, the less what plays up in the external will shake us and the more we are able to receive and perceive reality clearly.

Please refer to the initiation packages to get a sense of Price. The prices are still the same however the content of what plays out in session shifts as I adapt to these changing times and what I feel is essential for each moment and specifically for you.
      My thoughts on Covid 19
The issues within Humanity and the destruction of our planet is very close to reaching critical mass. The collective shadow is at an all-time high as consumerism, emotional numbness, avoidance and self-serving, parasitic greed has broken down our ability to self-reflect on what our true values and needs are, beyond all the things we mistake for meaning. We are earth beings here to live in harmony with this living breathing planet as we have done so for thousands of years, but sadly this is no longer the case.
In the ancient Sanskrit text, these times that we are living in, has been prophesied as the Kali Yuga (the age of destruction), and just as nature is kept in balance, so too are we at the wrath of her forces. In order for new life and transformation to ensue, there needs to be a death of the old and of that which is no longer working.  

This potentially magical time, allows nature breathing space to regenerate, and we are forced to stop, slow down and reflect. To move from a state of doing into being. Our old means of distracting ourselves from ourselves no longer works, as at some point in the confines of our spaces, our shadow starts to emerge and this we can’t run from. It wants to be met and released now more than ever as a means of lightening your ''Being'' and raising your frequency. This is the impact of what is happening on the planet and you can either resist this inevitability and suffer or learn to ride the waves as you become lighter and more in harmony with these changing times.
(When I refer to You as a Being, I refer to all aspects of who “You” are, namely your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and etheric body.)
The most important focus during these times I feel, is to allow yourself to open to your shadow in order to heal, transform and raise your vibration.  
For me as a healer, this moment in time of working remotely through Quantum healing, deepens my ability to work beyond the linear constructs of time and space as I work with your energetic body. I therefore do not need to be touching you or in your perceived space to work on you, simply because time and space which is a man-made construct is limited in its perceived linearity.


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