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Tantra & Sacred  sexuality Cape Town


Proper noun

  1. (Jainism) Passion; Strong feelings produced by a person's soul beyond worldly attachments.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS...Ready to explore your sexuality deeper? 
Sexual Healing ~ Expansion ~ Integration ~ Bliss 

I offer holding and guiding you through unknown territory as you explore the depths of your being, release physical/energetic/emotional blocks and embrace the profound power of pleasure. 
Find fulfillment through recognising your body’s innate intelligence and step into consciously creating the intimacy you desire in life, sex and relationships.

Rouse the wild and empowered woman within and let her take flight.

We work with sexual healing to release the body of past trauma and conditioning.

Through this process the body becomes sensitized, free, and open to flowing sexual bliss.


Discover your unique path to pleasure and connect intimately with your innate sexual power in a safe and supported space. 


Join the Tantric Sexual Initiatory Journey ™
Start your awakening Here

Tap into the profound power and pleasure you house within.


Sleek, smooth and handmade with Borosilicate glass, the curvy/curvaceous Kashaya wand™ is the perfect pleasure wand to support your erotic expansion, sexual liberation and depth of healing.

Buy your Kashaya wand here.


Shift from disconnection into intimate 

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have taken me into some of the deepest and most vulnerable spaces  within myself over the last few months. To be held in those spaces is incredibly liberating and terrifying at the same time. And yet since our last session, something tangible has shifted despite my scepticism, and I find my old way of relating to the world through my fears has transformed and I can now meet it with compassion and openness."

Paul (Cape Town)

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